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Applicable to all Afterburner Motorsports Leagues

Updated 3/14/2018



- All drivers must use either the original NASCAR Racing 2003 Season sim, or the NR2007 sim with modifications, so that the sim will run on the RLM Arena.

- All drivers must use a driving wheel of their choosing. NO game pads, joysticks or keyboards are permitted.



- All provisionals must be posted on the forum no later than 24 hours after the start of that race.



- All drivers MUST be on TeamSpeak3 with a working mic.

- If you are in the race server and not on TeamSpeak3 when the Driver's Meeting begins, you will be ejected from the race server.



- The race server will be usually be up for practice no later than 7:00 PM Eastern the day of the race.

- The Driver's Meeting is held at 8:10 PM Eastern, followed by a 5 minute practice, qualifying and a 10 minute Happy Hour. Make sure you are back for the start of the race.

- Once the server is reset for the final time for the 5 minute practice, drivers are not permitted to disconnect from the race server.

- Time adjustments may be made at the Admin's discretion.   



- NO passing the car directly in front of you on starts/restarts until you have crossed the start finish line.

- NO racing back to the caution flag for the entire race.

- Restart order will be at the Admin's discretion, either single-file with lead lap cars to the outside and lap down cars to the inside (original sim rules) or double-file. This will be announced in the Driver's Meeting. The leader does NOT get lane choice on restarts.

- NO HOT PITTING allowed (when a driver crosses the entry line of pit road at a higher rate of speed than posted for pit road and then rapidly slows down to pit road speed).  All drivers MUST be at pit road speed at the line. If a driver admits that they did speed and did not receive a black flag, they will be asked to fall to last on the track during the green flag run. Any driver caught hot pitting after the completion of the race will receive a one lap penalty for each infringement and loss of points.



- "Lucky Dog" recipients will be notified both on TeamSpeak and on text chat. When the "one to go" notification is given, pass the entire field on the high side of the track unless otherwise instructed and line up at the rear of the field. When the race goes green an admin will clear your black flag. This rule is in effect for the entire distance of the race. 

- Drivers are only eligible for the "wave-around" if they are a lap or more down, have NOT pitted during the caution and find themselves lined up IN FRONT OF the lead lap cars. If you have pitted under the caution or find yourself lined up behind lead lap cars, then you are NOT eligible for the "wave-around" and should remain where you are in the lineup. All eligible drivers must follow the "Lucky Dog" car around and line up at the rear of the field. When the race goes green an admin will clear your black flag.

- If you are the cause of a caution, you will NOT be eligible for the "Lucky Dog" or the "wave-around".



- If a driver causes a caution with 10 or less laps to go in the race, they will be given a 1-lap penalty. Go down pit road and wait for the pace car to put you a lap down.

- Whenever necessary, an incident will be reviewed by a league admin. If it is determined by an admin that more than one driver is at fault for causing the caution, each driver at fault will receive the same penalty.



- If you are a lap or more down with 10 laps or less to go you must go down pit road and line up in the back in order to give the lead lap drivers a chance to race for the win.



- NO "low-lining" or blocking until there are 5 laps to go.


10.   CHAT / "FLAMING"

- No chat / text during qualifying and race chat only on TeamSpeak when the caution is out. NO "flaming" will be tolerated on TeamSpeak or in text chat!!! Flaming will get you ejected from the race (for which you will receive NO points) and subject to up to four weeks suspension from that night's league.



 - If you are caught cheating you will be banned...  PERMANENTLY!!!







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